Thursday, November 19, 2009

Im looking for a girl ... but not just any girl?

aight, so first lemme just say that im not looking to pick up girls on yahoo answers, but i'd like to meet some attractive looking girls (that are my age) + (be honest about looks, its not that im so shallow or anything, but its more interesting that way), because the ones at my school aren't cutting it.

it'd be cool to get some new emails of girls i can chat with. my email is:

second, please dont report the question!!! someone did last time, and its really annoying, cause im an honest person!!

about me:

- im 17

- athletic (very) = hockey!!

- Canadian!!! baby

- smart (very)

- not to tall 5 foot 6 range

- nice bod (if u'd be willing to exchange photos, facebooks, u'd see what i mean)

thats all u need to know for now!

Im looking for a girl ... but not just any girl?
You sound alot like my type and sound like a sweetheart...only thing is that i'm taller than you (5'7)

(You really should not be looking 4 girls on Yahoo....peace!)
Reply:Make a myspace account and meet people there. This isn't a place for it.
Reply:where is the question here?
Reply:i think you are looking toooo hard .
Reply:you sure as **** dont sound like someone who's "not trying to pick up girls on yahoo answers"

I'd say thats exactly what you're trying to do

also, how shallow are you? "the girls at my school aren't cutting it." might be news to you, but if you expect perfection from other people, they start to expect it from you.

and you sound far from perfect (not to mention a TINY bit desperate)
Reply:Do I know you? ahaha
Reply:hey nice title, (i used the same thing only it was foor guys.)

Why do blonde girls love me?

I have recently come from india, and everywhere I go, these blonde girls keep giving me their phone numbers, facebooks, or asking me to coffee. Even when I am with another girl, they will STILL approach/flirt/ask me......what should I do to avoid them?

Why do blonde girls love me?
Just dont worry much about them. Dont let something small turn into a big problem.
Reply:Fake blonds....are a dime a dozen.

You must be getting hit on by Men dressed as women, and you are confusing cross dressers with real women.
Reply:OK you should be the most hansom man just live the moment and be Happy for your luck
Reply:Because they want you to do their home work for them. Duh!!!
Reply:Cause of Sanjaya...
Reply:u must be the best looking guy on earth .....

Facebook or bebo?

i LOVE bebo - its so easy and all my mates have it

but now some people are making facebooks and i tried to but it is really bad compared to bebo. but if everyone turns to facebook then there will be no point in my bebo..

should i keep with bebo or try facebook?

Facebook or bebo?
Have a profile on both I suppose.

Mind you I agree with you - Facebook is rubbish.
Reply:Have profiles on both! You can't go wrong.
Reply:I had the same problem as you. A few years ago, everyone I know was on Piczo, I know that's not a social networking site but everyone used to use it as one. Then everyone moved to Bebo, then Myspace and now Facebook. I now have accounts with all of them because now people are everywhere. So I know what you mean, I personally prefer Bebo as it's so much easier to use and you don't have to worry about html codes and everything, but if everyone is switching to Facebook, it's pointless to just go on Bebo. Have an account on each so you can still keep in touch with everyone.

Good Luck

I bet soon your friends are going to ve moving to MySpace or something next. There's always a new social networking craze

please answer my quesiton:;...
Reply:I've heard Facebook is a lot cleaner than Myspace, for example.


Reply:You could use both! I prefer Facebook! =)



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Can you still change facebook high school grad year?

ok, so facebooks changed a lot, and in september or october my friend changed her year from '10 to '11. can you still do that? or has it changed?

Can you still change facebook high school grad year?

Just click "edit" (beside Profile), then click on the education tab and adjust the year.
Reply:this isn't what i meant, i meant in your networks Report It

Reply:yes you can go to edit profile and just change your info

Freshman vs. Junior high school love?

so i'm a freshman in high school, i'm 14. this guy from a different school, just 15 mins away from mine, has been rumored to like me. he's a junior and 16 years old. we met at a superbowl party a couple of weeks ago, exchanged numbers, sns, myspace urls, and facebooks and have talked about at the least 5 times already. so since everyone's into the sentimental feeling of valentine's, yesterday, he called me and told me that he liked me [forreal] but wasn't ready to ask me out yet, since as he put it, "i'm really concerned about my APs right now and college stuff, and ill do some other stuff when the time is right."

basically, he meant he was afraid of commitment, or he's just self-centered.

what do you percieve this as? my friend says that "it takes a real man to do that."

Help, :\

Freshman vs. Junior high school love?
No, it doesn't mean that he's not committed or self-centered. He just doesn't have time for a relationship right now, which is okay. Trust me, I've been in his situation before, and it's tough!

Just wait until summertime, if he likes you, then he won't mind waiting till summer. :)

I don't think he's too old.

He just doesn't want to take the chance of spending less time with homework to be with a girlfriend. That could mess up his whole career. He's being smart.
Reply:if he feels its too early, then either wait for him or just move on
Reply:Hm, I do not think he is too old for you. And you won't really know if he is self-centered or afraid of commitment until you get to know him. Give him a shot but don't be too clingy. Be flirtatious! Talking to someone new can be so exciting, but don't be too bummed if it doesn't work out the way you planned.

Hope I helped :)
Reply:If you're looking to just hook up with somebody, go for it...but you're right, it IS too early to start a relationship.

And also, he's not self-centered, he's being very smart and putting his studies before you
Reply:I don't think that you are to young for him at all. My best friend is 14 and dating a 18 year old. But he is really religous and listens to a lot of Christain music. So is the type that wants to wait to do it when he gets married. But if the boy that you like is one of those that want to do it than maybe you should go for someone your own age. Sorry to tell you that. I mean your not to young for a relationship but you know for sex than maybe you should wait. Hope that my advice helped you out! Good Luck!!!

Reply:He's not too old for you at all. He's too old to call a girl up to tell her he likes her, but isn't ready to ask her out yet. He should've just kept it to himself if nothing is going to happen.
Reply:First, he is not too old but you both are still too young. Let's take it slow be friend first and see what happen. He likes you and therefore he said so. Trust his words and wait.

Hope you have a happy day.
Reply:Nah, if you trust him, then the age difference shouldn't matter. He just probably is really shy, and since Valentines is the most romantic holiday (duh) he chose to break the ice then. It just means that he wanted to tell - he just wasn't ready for the real deal. ;)
Reply:You are 14? He is 16? Seriously, you just kids. I don't want to sound bogus or anything, but what he did shows how mature he is. It shows that he has priorities. If there is love between the two of you, you will wait for him and vise versa. You are too young to think about relationships.

Your barely in high school, and then afterwards, maybe college is on the way. First you have to focus on what you'll do for the rest of your life in terms of a career, and then you will be able to focus on love. Trust me, i like this girl and we have decided to postpone dating and all the other stuff until we are mature enough to stand on our own feet, without the help of anybody.
Reply:Uhh... i think he's playing hard to get. If i were you, i'd say yeah... me too.. i gotta worry about my honor classes or something like that. 14 yr old and 16yr old aren't that bad. Just know what you are getting yourself into and don't get ahead of yourself. Oh yeah, and don't think this is IT, this is the guy i'm going to marry.
Reply:What he meant was; he likes you, but doesn't have the time for a girlfriend right now.

To be so serious about someone when you're so young can really distract you from everything else in your life, and it also distracts you from getting experience and getting to know other people. It's OK if you two date one day soon...just try not to get so serious.
Reply:i dont think hes too old for u my boyfriend is 3 years older them me but just wait till its time
Reply:I think your age shouldt start dating cause all you do is break up after 2 weeks. Start dating in college where you know the full meaning of I love you is
Reply:He's not too early but it is probably too early. you should just go out on dates to get to know each other. and he probably really does have to focus on school. that's actually a good things.

Hacking Facebook?

Alright, so my best friend and his girlfriend recently broke up. They exchanged passwords for their facebooks and emails, and she changed her facebook password after the breakup but he can still access her email. Turns out, she might be cheating on him with another one of my friends...its gotten really dirty, and we need to get to the bottom of it.

So, we already have access to her email there any way to check what messages she sent? To see what the "it" is that the guy she might be cheating with was talking about?

Hacking Facebook?
If you're asking, there's probably no hope for you actually doing it. This is more than possible, you'll just never know.

Reply:You might check her 'sent' box. Maybe she doesn't delete her mail she sent.
Reply:Oh Christ .......... Grow up!!!!!
Reply:Um, it's called the "sent" box.

You are some dumb hackers.
Reply:I agree, grow up and move on....
Reply:go gettem mcgarret and take dano with you... you two buddies are the it. ever heard of invasion of privacy?

Does Yahoo care at all about what us 360 users think? Do we have any kind of say at all in it's destiny?

Many of us have made some great friends on 360. We don't want to lose that. We don't want to have to transfer blogs, comments etc. We like the simplicity that yahoo 360 offers. It seems to me it would be much more cost effective if Yahoo would just listen to us rather than try and keep up with the myspaces, facebooks etc.

I have tried to answer the random surveys that yahoo pops up on my screen, but they always seem to be lacking in some important questions and often cut out part way through.

I hope that everyone knows about the petition that we are circulating.

I urge you and all your friends to please read and sign our onling petition to save 360! We have strength in numbers!

Does Yahoo care at all about what us 360 users think? Do we have any kind of say at all in it's destiny?
i totally agree with everything said above

its a tragidy that yet again yahoo would rather mess up than listen (who can forget the yahoo user rooms that actively suppoerted paedofiles? and by the way yahell fetish rooms 11 through 15 are their new trading post!!)

nina? not sure what you link goes to (yes i will look) but please direct your friends to

almost 4000 yahoo 360 votes there already.

i realise that it is not good buisiness to back track but in this case i think yahoo needs to tread very carefully, yahoo already owns BT (few seem to actually KNOW this) and many of BTs uk customers also have 360, perhaps we should hit yahoo a lil harder in the purse?

do i actually believe anyone of any concequence from yahoo actually pays attention to these pages or to ANYthing we, its customers, actually WANT? sadly no but that wont stop me trying

great question my friend, thankyou
Reply:I'm totally there...

It seems yahoo wants to give up on 360. A lot of us on 360 are signing a petition to have yahoo save 360. here is the link pass it on to all your friends.Please read the petition discription.

Sign the petition to save 360....Last time I checked 3669 Signatures. I'm #504.
Reply:a common marketing ploy is to create a whole lot of different products to appeal to varying consumer segments, with the goal of gaining total market share. sometimes it works.